Link Video Jubilee Hills Rape Victim Viral Video

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Jubilee Hills Rape Victim Viral Video

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Another sensational case came to light in the sexual assault incident at Jubileehills. A minor was arrested by police in Gulbarga, Karnataka last night. He is being held in a secret place. The police arrested four people. Another young man was on the run.

Police have confiscated an Innova at a farmhouse in Moinabad, a suburb of Hyderabad. Apparently, he was hiding in a farmhouse belonging to a political leader. From there they fled to various places.

Viral Jubilee Hills Victim Rape Video

Jubilee hills little girl video, It is known that the defendant inserted their SIM card into their mobile and sent it to Goa, after which they fled to Karnataka.

Police are investigating details of the owner of the farmhouse who provided protection to the suspect. The chairman, who is the father of one of the defendants in the case, has basically confirmed that the farmhouse.

The sexual assault incident in Jubilee Hills has caused much controversy. Another atrocity occurred in Hyderabad before the incident. An 11 year old girl is kidnapped by a taxi driver. The incident came to light four days ago inside the Mughal Pura police station.

A girl from the Sultan Shahi area was on her way to a relative’s house in Shaheen Nagar when a taxi driver named Lukman got into the car as if he had left the house. In the video there is a viral rape case with a victim, referred to as a rapist by the Jubille Hills gang.

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