Vampire In The Garden Season 01 Review

96 View– Vampire In The Garden Season 01 Review, A manga that is currently trending will certainly be a recommendation for those of you who like to read manga with interesting genres.

Vampire in the Garden is a must for you to read because with a very appropriate storyline it will take you away and stunned while watching and reading the manga.

Indeed, there are lots of manga with dancing genres like this, but did you know that this manga has its own charm for its readers.

For those of you who can’t wait to find out about the story and the vampire in the garden, check out the short spoiler for episode 01 vampire in the garden below.

Review Vampire In The Garden Season 01

The true story begins when Momo and Fine find each other and have a direct connection through music while maintaining the horrors of war. The main logline of the series is — can humans and vampires find a paradise where they can coexist?

Vampire in the Garden is a serious story that hones in on the grim drama in which our characters exist. This doesn’t feel like the world we value. The only use of intelligent species is to find the crumbs of continued existence.

That’s why anime series work; he refuses to negotiate to rely on fantasy trope, and with that, his story is unforgiving. The story is a nightmare, and hope is an interesting theme; watching Momo and Fine articulate their illicit relationship is something that makes the audience’s heart swell.

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About Vampire In The Garden

Vampire in the Garden is a catchy title. The kind of title that instantly grabs all curiosity. This series carries several similarities to Japan Sinks: 2020; brings to life a bleak post-dystopian reality where human despair is the core theme. This is no ordinary vampire story. It relies on the similarities between two different types of species; humans and monsters.

Momo’s character is part of a closed human society that vampires cannot destroy. His mother was a war commander, and life was all about the survival of mankind. Their society is not presented in a marketable way — it’s very sad.

On the other hand, the Vampire Queen, Fine, doesn’t want to bombard human territory, nor does she want to rely on human blood. However, his people want to destroy every human because of their unrelenting thirst for blood.

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